24 August 2009

makin' pickles

for the first time ever, i used my cucs from the farm for something other than cucumber & onion salad. and MAN am i stoked about the results. i used a recipe out of Nourishing Traditions, where there are tons of recipes for fermented veggies.

so these are the real deal. no scortched brine with preservatives such as alum (that is what is in claussen to make them so crrrrunchy). although these beauties still have a healthy crunch to them. especially if you let them sit longer (easy to say, hard to do)

the jars are full of cucumbers, whey (what makes them a probiotic food) and dill, garlic, onion, mustard seed, jalapenos, salt and water. really, so easy! and a great substitute for those over-priced probiotic pills i used to take.

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B said...

I love pickles!