09 July 2009


i'm just gonna say it. i hate kid's birthday parties.

there, i said it. i felt bad saying it all these years, but it's true. why, do you ask? because only on a very rare occasion does it not make a monster out of a normally sweet kid.

maybe it just gets worse as they grow into individuals with expectations of what should happen on their birthday, but regardless, i don't like 'em.

tonight a little girl i'm close to had a birthday party. there was lots and lots of talk about it for weeks leading up to the event, so i can imagine she was very excited. she probably had grandiose ideas brewing in her little mind of all the people and all the gifts.

so when i said goodnight to her as she laid in her bed, still with her 'happy birthday' crown on, she asked me, 'what present did you bring?' with a smirk across her face, not giving me eye contact. i told her i did not bring a present but that my husband and i wanted to come and spend time with her on her special day. 'hmmph' she said.

i wanted to slap her.

fortunately her daddy overheard and put her in her place.

maybe every kid goes through this stage, and maybe i'm being too harsh. but i find it inexcusable. i don't remember my nephew acting like this. i sure as hell don't remember acting like this (mom & dad let me know if i'm wrong). it would have never ever been acceptable.

i dream of having present-less parties until my kids are old enough to appreciate and not expect, but i've heard this is nearly impossible. i guess we'll see.